Generally I've always found 400ft of 16mm per 2 litres of developer is a good 
ballpark number that hasn't let me down.

On Monday, July 21, 2014 8:20:59 PM, ben russell <> wrote:


Hello hello from New Hampshire!  I'm putting together a short-term darkroom 
set-up and wanted to make use of your hive mind to double-check my somewhat 
creaky hand-processing techniques, with particular regard to B/W reversal and 
negative chemistry.  

I'm planning (along with a few other humans) to process around 3,000' 
(1,500' of which would be reversal) of Hi-Con and Orwo UN54 and need some 
chemistry recommendations.  Could you recommend a mix of 
materials for this quantity?  I'm talking D-19, Rapid Fixer, Hypo, 
Wetting Agent, Bleach...

It seems like the main options are Photographer's Formulary, which is fine by 
me, but I'm unclear as to how much chemistry I need for what will effectively 
be 30 rolls. Any thoughts?



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