At Evergreen we've been processing 7363 in Eco-pro paper developer with good 
results (the darkroom in Photoland has both red and amber safelights). I use 
trays for short strips and buckets for longer lengths.  Processing time is 
about 2 minutes for good blacks, sometimes a little less. I haven't been 
shooting it, but making photograms using a variety of lights, including 
florescent, LED, enlarger lighting and moon light.

Ruth Hayes

On Aug 4, 2014, at 11:13 AM, Beebe, Roger W. wrote:

> I’ve used Dektol with hi-con plenty, but my experience is that exposure times 
> are VERY short, definitely less than 1 min with the chemistry at room 
> temperature, even when I dilute the developer.  (It slows considerably as the 
> chemistry gets exhausted, of course.)  I rate hi-con at ASA 12 when I shoot 
> it, so that could make a difference in time to proper exposure.  Like 
> Christopher suggests, I do use a safelight with 7363 and just eyeball proper 
> exposure, but I find it VERY easy to miss the mark & end up with black film.  
> (I also process as negative, since I don’t love the idea of dealing with 
> scary bleach.)  
> I’m certainly not a lab expert, but I do demos of this regularly enough with 
> my students to feel pretty confident that my results are repeatable and that 
> these very fast development times aren’t just a one-time quirk.
> Can anyone else confirm this?
> Roger
> On Aug 4, 2014, at 2:08 PM, Chris G <> wrote:
>> Hi Erin,
>> 7363 is orthochromatic and is process until completion, so you can't 
>> *really* overprocess it. It is extremely forgiving in terms of time and 
>> temperature. I'd recommend processing under a safelight so you can watch the 
>> process. Using a paper developer such as Dektol will afford you a wider 
>> range of tones/greys over film developers and is a great way to play with 
>> the stock. D-19 is a high-contrast developer and will typically give you 
>> black or white with little in between. Usually I process short strands 
>> (40'/12m or less) of 7363 in trays or buckets with paper developer and a 
>> safelight until it looks "done." Guessing around 5-6 minutes at 68F/20C. 
>> I've honestly never checked the time but have had a lot of success with this 
>> method.
>> Cheers,
>> Christopher Gorski
>> On Aug 3, 2014, at 22:09, Erin Weisgerber <> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I usually use D-19 to process 7363 to negative, but I'm thinking of trying 
>> out Dektol for this purpose.
>> Would anyone be willing to share some guidelines processing times for 7363 
>> processed to neg in Dektol?
>> How would you describe the difference in look between '63 developed in D-19 
>> compared to Dektol?
>> Thanks so much for your help.
>> Erin
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