+1 for Vade's shaders. I haven't used them for anything useful but they
are a great example of digital tools emulating analog processes. I use
MAX for all of my work, although it only sometimes resembles analog
processes. Here are 2 examples: 

In "The Shape of Memory" MAX algorithmically re-edited found Super8
footage based on image-similarity, so it begins with one image and then
searches through all the other frames looking for something similar.
Rinse and repeat.
http://www.zachpoff.com/projects/the-shape-of-memory/ [1] 

In "Video Silence" MAX watches live TV and compiles the most silent
moments, so the result is a constantly-updated loop of fleeting glances,
awkward pauses and other interruptions of the sonic flow.
http://www.zachpoff.com/projects/video-silence/ [2] 

-Zach Poff 

[1] http://www.zachpoff.com/projects/the-shape-of-memory/
[2] http://www.zachpoff.com/projects/video-silence/
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