In my one-month stint as "Interim Program Director" at Chicago Filmmakers
earlier this summer, I programmed the INTERCAT '69 program for September.

5 hours of 16mm cat films from the 1940s-60s.  Available from Film-makers'

Last month, South Side Projections here in Chicago presented a 16mm cat
screening, and last year SSP and CF co-presented a 16mm cat screening.


On 8/13/14 6:41 PM, "Chuck Kleinhans" <> wrote:

> The Walker is having their third Internet Cat Video
> Festival
> 014?mc_cid=70d62a9316&mc_eid=770c6fb304

Which reminds me of experimental cat
> films, like the Hammid and Deren Life of a Cat (remarkably politically
> correct: daddy cat is shown doing kitten care).  What else could we shown in a
> Cat Film Fest?

> Kleinhans

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