Dear friends and supporters,

I just heard from my new attorney (Joe Agro) that the sentencing hearing
on September 3rd has been postponed.  It’s very complicated but we don’t
expect the new sentencing hearing to happen for possibly 2 months.

Yes, this is very disappointing - I had hoped to get this all behind me by
early September.  However, this is a result of having a new attorney on
the case who is taking seriously my concerns about the Probation Report
and Recommendations. Joe Agro had a meeting with senior attorney Paul
Cambria and now Paul is also fired up about it.  So looking on the bright
side (that’s me: Susie Sunshine!) this give my team more time to get it
right (which means negotiating and even fighting with Probation) and to
put together our own report for Judge Skretny.  Having lived for nearly
six years with probation requirements based on the original (and false)
charges it is important now that sentencing recommendations are accurately
put in the context of the plea deal.

I had well over 50 people who were coming for the September 3rd date and
some were coming in from NYC. This has been a tremendous outpouring of
support and means so much to me!

One final note:  I believe that all of the wonderful letters that my
attorneys have received from so many people are having a powerful impact.
My attorneys are sitting up and taking notice and now are back fighting
for the best outcome for me.

I will let you know as soon as I get a new date (it will take a while) and
hopefully you will be available to be there in court as my support team.

All my best,



We still need to remind everyone that freedom from this prosecution has
cost Lawrence dearly, financially and otherwise, and of the need to
continue to raise significant funds for Lawrence’s mounting debt. To make
tax deductible donations toward Lawrence’s defense please log on to and donate to the Artist Defense Fund for
Lawrence Brose.

We want to encourage everyone to visit Lawrence’s defense fund website to
catch up on what is new, view the artwork that has been donated for sale
and read the compelling letters of support from notable people who have
voiced their outrage and concern for what is happening to Lawrence.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Lawrence Brose Legal Defense Fund Team

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