Actually I take that back; does anyone have one of these in america at all?

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Anyone have one of these things in the NYC area?

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Hey Frameworks - 

 Not sure if this product has been covered yet on the list. Figured I would see if anyone out there has experience (positive or negative) with this item:

 The Moviestuff 'Retro 8' Film Scanner for Super 8 (there are also versions for 9.5 and 16). 
 It looks cool... albeit the resolution seems to be potentially too low for some applications. I have found 720 to sometimes be a flattering resolution for Super 8 as it can roll off the grain a bit, but I don't think it is ideal for all applications. Personally I really want that grain. I do like the idea of having a coffee while this unit transfers my Super 8 film on my kitchen table in 4.5 mins though. 

 What do we all think?

 Alex Balkam
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