Sorry to spoil the mood, but the first programme's a really bad mash up, eg 
clips from Berlin Horse overlaid with the music track from Peter Greenaway's 
The Draughtsman's Contract. All but one of the so-called artist filmmakers 
discussed in the UK section are those who have crossed over to more or less big 
budget, more or less feature-film making; Steve McQueen, Clio Barnard, Ben 
Rivers. None of the clips is dated, so there's no way one could get a sense of 
chronology, let alone history. I realise there's a limit to how much can be 
achieved in 12 minutes, but even so. Despite the calculatedly un-patronising 
attitude of the presenter, the programme seems to have been tailored to the 
assumption, shared with the TV audience, that real filmmaking is really feature 





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Talking Movies

Here’s a link to one of them, not requiring Facebook, focusing on England:

And the overall webpage

But the one on the Film-makers Coop and Indian films doesn’t seem to be on that 
page yet.

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If you love experimental/avantgarde filmmaking, you'll eat up these two 
episodes focused on its history! Unfortunately, it's only available on 
Facebook, on BBC Talking Movies page, under videos, so I suspect you'll need a 
FB account (or maybe not). The episodes are the first two on the top left. 
Great stuff! Big shout out to Film-Maker's Cooperative in NYC, in the second 
episode. That's M.M Serra, its Executive Director, in the stacks. 

Elizabeth McMahon

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