Ooof. Sorry, I was imagining a battery belt. Sorry, I think my info is bad.


On Thursday, September 18, 2014, Isaac Brooks <>

> How old is the Bescor belt? It may need recelling. I know Bescor makes
> those belts that have a builtin output cable, which is usually kindof
> skimpy compared to a four pin xlr type cable, so it could be cable damage.
> NiCad batteries sometimes indicate a full charge and then suffer from lack
> of power if they are methodically discharged. Those batteries are best not
> used only a little bit at a time (100ft roll, for instace) and then fully
> recharged. They begin to develope very short charge life when that happens.
> Not sure what your process is but sometimes a NiCad in decent shape can
> become "lazy" very quickly from this.
> Best test is to try your camera with another power source to make sure it
> isn't the Bolex. Good luck.
> Isaac
> On Thursday, September 18, 2014, Dominic Angerame <
> <javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','');>> wrote:
>> I own a Bolex EL and having battery problems. I have a bescor LCR
>> portable rechargeable batter 12 volts 3.4. It charges up fine and the
>> camera indicates that the battery is charged. However it will not advance
>> nor can send power strong enough to transport the camera when loaded wiht a
>> 100 ft daylight spool.
>> Any advice from someone on the list is appreciated.
>> Dominic Angerame
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