Hello Frameworkers,

I understand that this is not the proper venue to promote a Kickstarter
campaign, but some of you might be interested in one of the rewards:

5 Peripheral Produce DVDs for $45:

Deborah Stratman's "Something Like Flying"
Naomi Uman's "Miking and Scratching"
The Peripheral Produce "All Time Greatest Hits" (includes work from Miranda
July, Sam Green, Animal Charm, and others)
Matt McCormick's "From Tugboats to Polar Bears"
The Peripheral Produce "Auto-Cinematic Video Mix Tape" (includes work from
Miranda July, Negativland, Vanessa Renwick, and other)
visit www.peripheralproduce.com for more info about titles, lengths, etc.

at $45, with shipping included (in the US) this is a steal.  Plus you get a
one-month free subscription to Fandor.com, not to mention the fact that you
are helping me make my next film!

please check it out, and thanks.


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