Back in 2011, when we were looking into whether or not to revive a Pako 
multi-guage film processor we had been given, we had talks with the local Kodak 
rep about stock sales. I recently stumbled upon this information and in light 
of the recent stock discontinuations, Kodak's bankruptcy issues and the 
Ferrania project, I think you will find the numbers interesting.

Note this is for Western Canada only, which Kodak defined as the provinces of 
Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, which is about 10 million people. 

For Super8.. the sales for 2010 follow this order:
1. Extachrome with 240,000ft 
2. B/W Reversal with 230,000ft
3. Color Negative Stocks with approx. 75,000ft

For 16mm.. the sales for 2010 follow this order:
1. Color Negative with 1.2 million feet!
2. Extachrome with 80,000ft
3. B/W Negative & Reversal (50/50split) with 37,000
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