Dear Friends and Supporters of Lawrence Brose,

Here is the update you have been waiting for.

Lawrence’s sentencing hearing is firmly scheduled to take place on Friday,
October 31 at 10:30AM in the new Federal Court building, (2 Niagara Square
in downtown Buffalo) in Hon. Chief Judge William M. Skretny’s court.

Lawrence’s spirit has been bolstered by reports of the many supporters who
plan to attend this hearing. Lawrence’s legal team has done the best work
possible, given the circumstances - the complexity of this case and the
nature of the allegations.  We are looking forward to having this ordeal
behind us, but we are cautious in anticipation of the outcome.

All of your patience and support has been deeply appreciated and helpful
to Lawrence.  Needless to say, however this Court rules with regard to
sentencing on this plea deal, Lawrence will continue to need support
emotionally, financially and strategically as he works to put his life
back in order.

Good news!  The Forest City Gallery in London, Ontario has scheduled a
screening of Lawrence’s film DE PROFUNDIS on Saturday, November 15 at
6:30PM, complete with discussion to be led by Scott Miller Berry, the
Executive Director of The Images Festival in Toronto.  Forest City Gallery
is located at 258 Richmond Street, in London, Ontario. The screening will
not only be a showcase for Lawrence’s major opus in film, but it is also
designed as a fundraiser for Lawrence’s defense fund.  Artists all over
are realizing Lawrence’s situation could be their own and are becoming
more involved in supporting Lawrence, the artist facing false charges. We
should note that due to probation restrictions Lawrence is unable to
attend this screening.

Word is definitely getting out, and support always follows once people
understand the details of this case.


The Lawrence Brose Defense Fund Team


We still need to remind everyone that freedom from this prosecution has
cost Lawrence dearly, financially and otherwise, and of the need to
continue to raise significant funds for Lawrence’s mounting debt. To make
tax deductible donations toward Lawrence’s defense please log on to and donate to the Artist Fund for Lawrence

We encourage everyone to visit Lawrence’s defense fund website to
catch up on what is new, view the artwork that has been donated for sale
and read the compelling letters of support from notable people who have
voiced their outrage and concern for what is happening to Lawrence.

Thank you for your continued support.  Please share this with your own

The Lawrence Brose Legal Defense Fund Team

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