I’m conducting some preliminary research on Experimental and Documentary apps 
(individual and collective) for Android, iOS, and other platforms such as PS4 
(Orbis OS),
Xbox One (Windows 8 Partition; upgrade to Windows 10 upcoming) and Linux. I 
know of a few, but does anyone have additional info on other apps? Or, whom may 
have one 
in development? Further, I'm curious as to how some of you view apps (mobile, 
live, or web) as both form and as tributary for content. 

I’m far more savvy with Apple and iOS, but here’s what I’ve collected so far, 
aside from the regular corporate stuff like Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, et cetera, 
et cetera... 

Documentary Film/Media/Sound: Fandor, The Doc Blog, PBS POV, NFB, Docurama, 
Sundance Now, Documentary.net, CodeBarre.tv
Experimental Film/Media/Sound: Michael Betancourt, ATA, Energy Flow, Miranda 

Muy apreciado,

Shane Christian Eason, MFA  
Asst. Prof. of Exp. & Doc. Film | Multimedia Production Coordinator | MFA MTE 
School of Communication & Multimedia Studies, Florida Atlantic University
Miami/Fort Lauderdale | www.blackironfilms.com

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