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> I think Frameworkers around the globe may have heard about the deeply 
> disturbing police violence in the United States.  This chronic problem has 
> decades of history, but it received renewed media attention this summer 
> following another murder-by-police in Ferguson, Missouri.   This weekend is a 
> "Weekend of Resistance."  Because of the timeliness of the issue, I hope 
> Frameworkers won't mind my forwarding this message from Travis Wilkerson with 
> an amazing vimeo link.
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> NOW! AGAIN! is a reenactment of a classic radical film, "Now" by Santiago 
> Alvarez, staged this summer in Ferguson, Missouri by the cops themselves. 
> Playing themselves, the cops reenact their own vicious history as if they 
> were checking their performance in a mirror shattered by gunfire. NOW! AGAIN! 
> blows up at the intersection of an avant-garde film act and an urgent 
> manifesto for militant action, demanding an end to police violence NOW! 
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