Charles, I believe the SFAI library has VHS copies of George’s class films. 
Probably not all, though. The librarian, Jeff Gunderson, could tell you if he 
has anything from 2001. He’s a very helpful guy. If you still live in SF he’d 
probably let you look for it yourself.

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SFAIclass videos

Hello...I was hoping someone out there could help me out with finding a video, 
or directing me to where I could. I was in George Kuchar's class at SFAI in I 
believe Spring Semester of 2001. We made a video in class related to Erich von 
Daniken, the UFO writer/amusement park owner that George was obsessed with at 
the time. The plot revolved around this, as well as a struggling actress in the 
video (familiar plot theme in his movies, I know). Has anyone heard of this 
video, or know where a copy could be obtained? I had it on VHS long ago, but it 
was misplaced, and am interested in getting a copy again. Youtube proved 
worthless. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. 

-charles chadwick

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