Thank you for the invitation but I am currently teaching three film courses at Dongguk University in Seoul!

Please do raise the point that films being made on film today are as much about their material as about their content (true obviously for many avant-garde filmmakers such as Brakhage, Sharits, Jacobs etc but now true in general for anyone determined to shoot film material).

If one has kept the same film camera for many years, shoots sparingly, does their own labwork and cuts with scissors and tape, then it is much cheaper to work on film than on new media. Otherwise it is a real choice to make the effort nowadays.

The choice pays off because there is a true physical (as opposed to virtual) connection between the material running through the camera and the shadows projected on the screen: the film image is indexically related to its content, whereas digital projections are mainly symbolical. The mechanical shutter invokes the phi phenomenon which creates the illusion of motion through flicker, rather than beta movement which the digital projector invokes. The phi phenomenon forces the viewer to participate actively in the illusion (during the third of the time spent in the dark). Studies in brain waves will show the difference between film and digital perception: film wakes us up.

Color and texture is a very small part of the important distinctions between the technologies. This is why I think the word analog distracts us into thinking that choosing film is only a stylistic choice.

Thank you for hosting this event.
Pip Chodorov

At 20:13 -0500 11/11/14, Matt Whitman wrote:
If you feel that you are alone in this strict use, Pip, you should come to the event if you are able to do so. Particularly for the panel/Q&A afterwards. It would indeed be instructive for other members of the public who are not privy to this list to be aware of the distinction that you make and this ongoing discussion. If you are not able to attend, I am happy to raise this point myself during the panel and make it clear that even in the naming of the event, there is debate in how and where these terms are used.

Provided that all of the artists showing work and participating in the discussion consent, an audio recording of this will likely be posted online. Will let you know.

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