I'm using a Thunderbolt to HDMI "mini display port" adapter to import the 
output of my Direct TV HD receiver into Final Cut. The adapter is plugged into 
the computer and the HDMI from the satellite is plugged into the adapter. 
Pretty straightforward, but it doesn’t work. Final Cut doesn’t recognize any 
input. I know HDMI is coming out of the satellite receiver because a splitter 
sends the same signal to my TV. The splitter removes copy protection, so that 
can’t be the problem. 

In contrast, I also use a Firewire to Thunderbolt adapter (not HDMI) to import 
DVcam tapes into Final Cut, and that works fine. I notice that the 
Firewire/Thunderbolt adapter is NOT called a “mini display port.” It has no 
name. What does that suggest, and why am I having this problem?

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