The following is for sale, with or without the super 16 zoom. If
interested, contact me off-list for additional details.

ARRIFLEX SR3-HS super 16 camera with PL mount, includes body cap and gate

Video tap

CCD module

(4) Magazines with throat covers

(3) Lentequip LE-R3 26.4V batteries

Lentequip Battery Charger with power cable

(3) Lentequip XLR charging cables

Lentequip 2-pin to 3-pin power adapter joint

2-Pin to 4-pin Lemo

DC/DC-2 Splitter

Arriflex shoulder pad
Pelican travel case

Sold with or without... ZEISS 11-110 T2.2 super 16 zoom lens

This kit was owned by NFL Films, serviced regularly while in their
possession, and last serviced in 2013. I've shot film
with this camera... all mags scratch tested, and camera speed checked. This
camera is the HS or "high-speed" model
and runs up to 150 fps.


Portland, Oregon USA

+1 503 231 6548
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