U.S. based Frameworkers,

  I'm looking to buy one of your Eiki SSL's for a third party. I'm on a
short time time span (I need it in my paws by third week of January), so
the ebay dance seems precarious, and I'd rather get a trustworthy device
from one of you.

 I can offer (what I consider) a fair price + shipping for em, and there's
the nice feeling of it going towards a good cause (I'll be lugging it over
to Istanbul and leaving it there so it can get some use). Message me
off-list with your model number for more (I don't know all the models
off-hand, and need to make sure I can do the belt switcheroo so it can
adopt to the different frequency).

  On another note, if there are any of you who frequently take your
projectors overseas, and has a certain electric converter they'd like to
recommend, I'd love to hear about it.

  Happy holidays,

ekrem serdar
austin, tx
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