BlackMagic discontinued support for FC/FCP in Media Express several releases 
ago (over a year). You can try and download an older version (check the release 
notes for supported programs) from BlackMagic, but it may tell you just to 
download the current version and not allow you to run the program. I tried this 
as a work-around back in November but wasn't able to get FCP (7) to recognize 
the device. 

You may have to concede to Media Express. It's straight forward enough that the 
extra step doesn't disrupt the workflow too much.

Good luck!

On Dec 29, 2014, at 17:18, D Dawson <> wrote:

FCP may or may not work...  But using the BlackMagic Media Express capture
software that came with the device will work for sure.    You can capture it
as a Quicktime and then open it in FCP after.


On 12/29/14 3:01 PM, "Gene Youngblood" <> wrote:

> Friends,
I¹m taking an HDMI signal out of my Direct TV satellite receiver into
> my computer, using an UltraStudio Mini Recorder Capture Device that converts
> HDMI to Thunderbolt input, and which was recommended on this list. I¹m trying
> to use Final Cut to capture the signal, but it doesn¹t recognize it. Any
> ideas?  Many 
> thanks.
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