Hi Frameworkers,

I recently inquired about Nagra IV series repair / service in North America
here on FW. Thought I'd share what was found subsequently.

Dan Dugen does not service Nagra tape machines anymore. Not sure whether he
has parts to sell, but a colleague of his confirmed that he is not
currently doing that work. A few folks mentioned him on here when I
originally asked about this, so I thought I'd share his status. He
specialized for a long, long time and is listed in some Nagra manuals /
service lit, so I found this info pertinent.

Trew Audio does offer service via their LA service center. Forrest Forbes
is doing that work. He heads their equipment service dept I think. They
have parts. Tech labor is $95 an hour. Most cleaning / lubing / tensioning
amounts to about 5 hrs and a bit over, without replacement of major
things like tape heads, meters, motor etc. I'd be interested to know
whether anyone here has sent a machine to them- price, turnaround, quality
of service, etc.

I have one additional inquiry- I'm looking for an original strap to fit a
Nagra IV series recorder, via the little posts on the forward left/right
sections of the side panels. If anyone has one in usable shape they want to
lose for a reasonable price, please message me. Thank you.

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