Hi all,

Does anyone have any information on the workflow used for Frederick
Wiseman's HIGH SCHOOL? Specifically interested in whether it was shot on
negative or reversal, and whether release prints would have been made from
an internegative or directly from AB rolls.

I projected what I thought was a very good 16mm print of the film for a
class screening and one of the students commented that it looked "so much
worse" than a Brakhage short (Window Water Baby Moving) we ran on Blu-Ray,
so I'm trying to offer a better explanation to the instructor than "oh,
it's 16mm." The print I ran was recently struck, a little soft, a little
light contrast, but certainly not objectionable, and projected under the
best possible circumstances - I don't think it came close to being called a
bad print. Since this WAS a recently struck print, I wonder if anyone can
comment on what the original prints looked like, or what 35mm blowup prints
looked like.

Of course, nobody says anything when they're shown 16mm at its best, but
there you have it....

Any input welcome!


Julian Antos
Northwest Chicago Film Society
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