For an additional 2 cents, I got this email off list from Travis Wilkerson:

" I think the Ikonskop A-Cam was the last film camera newly introduced since 
the Logmar. The last version came out around 2004 or so. Those guys were doing 
great stuff and I think their digital camera may have been one of the better 
stabs at it, but sorting it out sank the company. Alas. “

He noted in a short additional message that camera was super 16mm.


On Jan 18, 2015, at 10:25 AM, Beebe, Roger W. 
<<>> wrote:

When was the Aaton A-Minima introduced?  Early 2000s?  Late 1990s?  That’s the 
most recent big film camera launch I remember.  But doesn’t it seem like there 
are kickstarters for new film cameras all the time still?  Wasn’t there some 
Scandanavian s8 camera just a few years ago (that was going to be outrageously 
expensive)?  I think it’d be hard to come up with a definitive list of those 
smaller products.  I tired to look at the super8wiki to see if there was a way 
to search the cameras by model year, but it doesn’t seem especially easy to do.

2 cents,

On Jan 18, 2015, at 8:55 AM, Pablo Marin 
<<>> wrote:

Hi all,

Just a quick question, inspired by the recent introduction of the Logmar S-8 
camera and its statement about being "the first new Super 8 camera to hit the 
market in 30 years".

Does anybody knows besides this Logmar machine when was the last film camera 
model introduced to the market? I'm sure it would have to be a 35mm/70mm or 
maybe Super 16? Early 2000s?

Thanks a lot!

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