As a dedicated cinephiles and lovers of celluloid, I'm excited to share my
new project well you. Well, actually, it's not so new ...

Some college friends and I shot *Pause of the Clock* in 1995 and 1996 in
16mm, and we recorded the sound on a Nagra 4.2. Now it's 2015, and after
more than a year’s work, the editing of the movie is nearly complete.  (In
fact, "friend of the Frameworks list" Scott Dorsey helped me retrieve some
sound from a 16mm mag reel!) Chicago bands Kill Hannah and Royale are
featured on the soundtrack.

You're probably curious why I’m unpausing the film 20 years later. Check
out background on the project, as well as clips of the film, at my
Kickstarter page:

Thanks in advance for your support and for helping spread the word!

Rob Christopher
Twitter: @randomcha
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