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Histories of avant-garde film in the United States:

Lewis Jacobs, “Experimental Cinema in America 1921-1947” in *The Rise of
the American Film* (1948)

Roger Manvell, *Experiment in the Film* (1949)

Gregory Battcock, *The New American Cinema* (1967)

Sheldan Renan, *An Introduction to the American Underground Film *(1967)

Parker Tyler, *The Underground Film: A Critical History* (1698)

Gene Youngblood, *Expanded Cinema* (1970)

David Curtis, *Experimental Cinema *(1971)

Amos Vogel, *Film as a Subversive Art* (1976)

P. Adams Sitney, *Visionary Film* (1974)

Maureen Turin, *Abstraction in Avant-Garde Films* (1978/85)

William Wees, *Light Moving in Time: Studies in the Visual Aesthetics of
Avant-Garde Film *(1992)

Scott MacDonald, *Avant-Garde Film Motion Studies* (1993)

James Peterson, *Dreams of Chaos, Visions of Order* (1994)

Jan-Christopher Horak, *Lovers of Cinema: The First American Film
Avant-garde, 1919-1945* (1998)

Joan Hawkins, *Cutting Edge: Art-Horror and the Horrific Avant-Garde* (2000)

Bruce Posner, *Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film 1893-1941*

Lauren Rabinovitz, *Points of Resistance: Women, Power, and Politics in the
New York Avant-garde Cinema, 1943-71* (2003)

David E. James, *The Most Typical Avant-Garde: History and Geography of
Minor Cinemas in Los Angeles* (2005)

Paul Arthur, *Line of Sight: American Avant-Garde Film Since 1965* (2005)

Alexander Graf, ed., *Avant-Garde Film (Avant-Garde Critical Studies 23)*

A. L. Rees, *A History of Experimental Film and Video* (2011)

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