I noticed a few Maya Deren books in this excellent compiled list (of which
I own around half of the 60 titles, the rest will be seeked out!) and it
made me think - were the remaining two volumes of VèVè Clark, Millicent
Hodson and Catrina Neiman's three volume biography and collected works 'The
Legend Of Maya Deren' (published by Anthology Film Archives) ever released?

Part Two of Volume I was published in 1988 and though it mentions the other
two forthcoming parts on the dustjacket, I can't seem to find mention of
them on websites like Amazon. I did a quick google search and a
bookseller's website said Part Two was due to be published in 1997 and the
third volume was "completed but not yet in production". I also read
that VèVè Clark sadly died in 2007. Can anyone offer any more information
on these remaining volumes? Did the project collapse along with Film
Culture in 1996?

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