Yeah, Kodak's Hollywood outlet closed last November. When I bought the last cases of Super 8 for my class and 16mm for myself, they told me to mail order film from their Rochester, New York facility.

You can buy 16mm film from Pro8mm in Burbank, too.

Good luck!
Dana Berman Duff

Re: [Frameworks] Kodak hollywood?
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2/20/15 4:59 PM

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Pro-Tek in Burbank is handling distribution for Kodak. PR says "limited pickup" available.


On Friday, February 20, 2015, Mariah Garnett < <>> wrote: Hi! I just tried to go buy film at kodak in Hollywood and they weren't answering the bell and all there phone numbers are disconnected.... Is that it for them? Where do I buy 16mm film in LA? Been away for 5 months and am outta the loop now.... <>

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