Don't remove the lens. Just point the camera at an evenly-lit white wall, take 
an incident light reading as if you were filming the wall (which you are in a 
way) and then expose in the normal way, using the aperture on the lens to 
adjust the exposure. 





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Sent: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 10:29
Subject: [Frameworks] Bi-packing Bolex H16 to print film

Hello fellow Frameworkers,I just tried to load some dummy film through the gate 
(emulsion to emulsion of course) and it loads successfully on my Bolex 
H16.Theoretically, leaving the prism without a lens I presume if light goes 
through the negative, I should be able to print on unexposed film right 
behind.Has anyone ever attempted to successfuly bi-pack a Bolex H16 to print? 
And if so, any suggestion/tip on lighting/exposure?Thanks a 
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