Sorry for the late notice on this.

James Fotopoulos will be at Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn tonight for the
7:30pm screening of his new feature "There".

Here is additional information about the night.

Microscope is very pleased to present *There*,  a new, 103-minute feature
film by James Fotopoulos written in 2011 and completed in 2014. While built
upon the story of the main character Lamb, a veteran experiencing
post-traumatic stress, “There” can be seen as ultimately the place where
the unknown resides along with our deepest fears, where we become
vulnerable before all that we ignore about ourselves or the other, a
powerful dark side often relegated to the dreamlike that all the characters
in the work encounter in different ways and must deal with during the
course of the film.

Fotopoulos once again gives the spotlight to a world of rejects and
tormented loners – played among others by Xander O’Connor, Sarah Brooks,
David Zellner, Joe Swanberg and an astounding Brenda Bakke – each shot
becoming increasingly unsettling to confront the viewers with that from
which they usually wish to turn away.

For “There” Fotopoulos resumed his interest in shooting outside of his
studio in real settings - after the more ethereal *Alice in Wonderland *
 (2010), *Chimera* (2011) and *Dignity* (2014) which included minimal and
mostly painted backgrounds – offering a realistic base to the film’s
mystery, an approach also continued with “The Given” currently on view as
part of Fotopoulos’ exhibition. In terms of narrative style and treatment
of the dark and surreal, “There” is reminiscent of Fotopoulos’ early 16mm
features such as “Back Against The Wall” and “Migrating Forms”, this time
with an ultra HD aesthetic.

2014, 103 minutes
Screenwriter & Director: James Fotopoulos
Cast: Xander O’Connor, Brenda Bakke, Sarah Brooks, Joe Swanberg, David
Zellner, Robert Breuler

 original music by Nate Archer, Dorit Chrysler and Chris Corsano.

Microscope Gallery, 1329 Willoughby Ave, #2b, Brooklyn, NY 11237

tel: 347.925.1433,,

Jefferson L (exit Starr Street)

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