Ripit <>  still works with Yosemite -
not free but worth the 25$ as a stable supported decryption tool for
commercial DVD¹s. I use MPEG Streamclip
<>  to export the
decrypted .VOB files (stream) to a .mov or whatever - not sure it works with
Yosemite (it¹s free so you can try). QuickTime Pro (ver. 7)
will also convert .VOB files to .mov but not sure it will glue disparate
.VOB¹s that are often the byproduct of commercial DVD¹s to a stream like
MPEG Streamclip will. However, with a little poking around the .VOB files
you can usually find the main one for a film (without supplements, etc) and
use QT Pro to convert as a one-shot. Beyond that I am not sure what else is
out there - pretty sure no all-in-one tool exists, that would be too easy :


From:  Adam Hyman <>
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Date:  Monday, March 9, 2015 at 6:08 PM
To:  "Experimental Film Discussion List <>"
Subject:  [Frameworks] DVD to .MOV on Mac OS Yosemite

DVD to .MOV on Mac OS Yosemite
Hi all,

Sorry to ask this simple question, but I just got a new Mac Book Pro, with
OS Yosemite.
How does one now rip a (commercial, region encoded) DVD to a ProRes .mov
file?  Mac the Ripper doesn¹t work; Handbrake doesn¹t get you to .MOV.
Boards online are cluttered with people hawking software.

Best regards,

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