thanks for posting this i am out of new york traveling extensively so i was
not aware of his transformation

brahkage always showed there when in nyc - not the archive - that says a
lot i think

i remember howard also had great photo exhibits

when i showed my only really long film there to not that large of an
audience i apologized to him and he said - better to have a film with
substance with a few people seeing it - its similar to what su fredrick
says - she would rather have her work seen by people that can get it than
the masses that cannot

i am not sure i agree with them i think underground film can plant seeds
that shift the consciousness of the masses but i think they were also
discussing the ideal of making your own work no matter what - having your
own voice in the face of anything - people not coming to your film
screenings or people rejecting your voice out of their 'own' largely
academic & capitalistic market constraints

it takes a immeasurable amount of knowingness to stand as yourself against
such bitter winds

On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 3:56 AM, David Baker <> wrote:

> Howard Guttenplan and the Millennium Film Workshop will be forever
> inextricably linked.
> With absolute devotion until the very end, Howard dedicated his energy and
> expertise to keeping the Millennium going.
> With inexplicable grace he withstood the recent indignities he was made to
> suffer.
> During his tenure as Executive Director, Howard single handedly
> demonstrated acute discernment
> in his "Personal Cinema" programs which made a place for the most
> accomplished and celebrated film artists
> to project their work in close proximity with totally unknown makers of
> consequence.
> In a kind of fearless visionary egalitarianism Howard insisted on a
> monthly Open Screening program
> which functioned as an important portal for the self-taught, socially
> misaligned and/or politically maladroit outsider
> to be discovered and to assimilate into the experimental film community
> regardless of resume or lack thereof.
> Howard's Millennium was open to both the big fish and the little fish, the
> somebody's and the nobody's
> in vibrant aesthetic exchange.
> His great love was not film per se but the continuum of the experimental
> film medium,
> the linked progression of forms from one artist to another over time,
> with invention and innovation as its most telling attribute.
> The Millennium Film Workshop Archives will testify abundantly to the
> astonishing procession of makers
> who made this love manifest. Howard welcomed and treated each of these
> artists with uncommon respect.
> Howard's own film oeuvre is a shining example of what is possible
> when one is totally dedicated to a highly evolved form of truth and beauty.
> In all these ways he changed my life.
> -DB
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