Dear filmmakers,

As a result of product completion, we are putting up for sale:

Bolex H 16 SBM “clockwork” (professionally modified to Super 16mm) camera with 
pistol grip, KERN Vario-Switar 12,5-100mm lens, lens cap, parasol, all of which 
fits snugly inside of a protective hard aluminium case.  Super-smooth running, 
wind mechanism is tight and maintains constant speed to end of wind.  790 e. 
for full package.

Several 30-meter respooled cans of Fuji 64 Super color negative stock, on metal 
cores, from last production batch. 30 e. each.

Late-model Steenbeck ST901 7-plate 16mm horizontal film editing table with 
extra lateral rewind plate.  Parts are available from Steenbeck to convert this 
unit to Super 16mm if desired.  Perfect condition and very little use 
throughout.  Will include a vertical lightbox unit for hanging and viewing film 
strips for free if wanted 475 e. complete. 

Items are in Spain, please contact off-list for photos/more info. if interested.



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