Is anybody else on this list using the Lomo UPB-1 (50/100') 8/16mm processing 

The Lomo tank is a great tool for DIY filmmakers, but the materials it is 
constructed from are too brittle, and replacement parts are impossible to get 
without having to purchase an entire tank. The lower spindle is especially 
vulnerable. In our program, we've now had a couple of them break. The first 
time it happened, we were fortunate enough to have somebody on staff with some 
formidable machining skills. The piece he fabricated only made the tank capable 
of processing 50' loads, but we had 2 tanks, so it was no problem. Shortly 
thereafter, the spindle on the other tank broke. We had since lost our 
machinist, but gained someone with 3D modeling skills, who created a 3D model 
of the part. So now we can print a new part when we need it. And now so can 
you! The model is available on Thingiverse at:    For free. 

And if you share it, please credit the design to the UIC Moving Image and New 
Media programs.

One caveat about this part: although it is made to the dimensions of the 
original piece, the internal threads in the lower spiral can be worn away at 
the top because the plastic is brittle. In this case, the bolt can be too short 
to engage the threads. In the near future we will be uploading a revised model 
to account for this. If the internal threads on the lower spiral on your tank 
are worn, you may want to wait.

3D printed replacement parts can breathe new life into tanks that have met with 
tragedy in the darkroom. It's my hope that sharing this part will help to 
generate interest in an open-source network of Lomo tank users. Maybe there are 
some other Frameworkers out there with 3D modeling resources at their disposal, 
who are willing to create other replacement parts? 

Paul Dickinson
Lab Specialist, Moving Image
UIC School of Art and Art History
University of Illinois-Chicago

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