Thanks for sharing Walter!

I also have a question on a similar subject for the group.

I'm going to be doing a radio-art residency in upstate new york next fall (late 
October), and I was thinking of driving down with a few 16mm projectors and a 
bunch of my prints... I thought it might be nice to set up a sort of 
mini-road-trip-style-film-tour while I'm in the region (either on my way to or 
from the residency).  I can do screenings, performances, and / or teach some 
workshops. In addition to films, I will also be travelling with theremins, 
radio gear, and basic electronics, so I could also teach workshops in those 
fields too if anyone is interested.  I'll definitely get in touch with Tara at 

Does anyone on the list have other recommendations of places or people to talk 
to?  I've never set anything like this up before, but I figure, that since I'll 
have a car, and films, and projectors... why not?

Any suggestions of places or people to contact in the New York state or 
surrounding areas would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much!

Amanda Dawn Christie

On 2015-03-29, at 3:56 PM, Walter Ungerer wrote:

> Dear Frameworkers,
> I’d like to draw your attention to the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, 
> New York. It’s a study facility for film and photography. Last week I had a 
> film showing there of my more recent work. First, I’d like to thank Tara 
> Nelson for offering the venue to me to show my work. Quite wonderful. The 
> facility has excellent projection and sound equipment and a large screen. 
> Tara’s husband Gordon Nelson (audio engineer), and Tara’s assistant Ray Ray 
> Mitrano (public relations) effectively completed the staff . I’ll add a 
> probing and very appreciative audience to my description, as a culmination of 
> my presentation.
> I would send this message of appreciation privately to Tara, but it would not 
> draw attention to the Visual Studies Workshop facility for the listserv. As 
> an artist I am always looking for opportunities to exhibit my work, and I 
> imagine many of you on this list, are in a similar place. Therefore I highly 
> recommend contacting Tara Nelson at VSW for more information about film 
> screenings there. Not to forget, nearby is the George Eastman House, another 
> drove of archival material on film and photography.
> Thanks all for reading.
> Walter Ungerer
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