I'm only a quiet reader of this list.

Sorry to interfere but how about everybody calming down a little bit, as Tim 
Halloran suggested? I'm sure you would get along if we were all in the same 
room. Words interpreted out of wack. Your points are understood, but it's 
becoming less and less chique. 


On March 31, 2015 at 6:44:57 PM, Elizabeth McMahon (elizmcma...@gmail.com) 

Why does this woman insist on making things she made bad, worse? She is being a 
human malaprop, and just does not get how tone deaf she is. Gene, she's 
meshugganah, no one it seems clear is taking this seriously, but still, you'd 
think she'd be humbled and learn a lesson, and this whole "I'm a young, 
privileged white woman who is having her feelings hurt" bs is just so tiring 
and so already exploited. Pulling feminism into this is so completely neither 
here nor there and pointless to the extent of endangering the work of so many 
feminists over 50+ years. This has zero to do with feminism. And since she 
didn't get, I am a white, now not so young, used to be privileged woman, so I 
trump her stupidass, gossamer argument and defense of her stupidass reply. Gah. 
Gah is my favorite word these days. I'm a librarian with a Master's degree and 
years of professional experience. I don't need to be sanctimoniously schooled 
on my need to learn to read and comprehend. How she ever became a chair of 
anything, let alone higher ed, is dumbfounding, and I would recommend she take 
some sound lessons from McClaren's "A Chairy Tale." 

"Thank you for reading." Wow. How obnoxious and condescending. But she's 
already established that, for all, not just me, hasn't she?

Where's her public defense pronouncement? Hmm? No, just private. She is what, 
an academic troll, essentially? Or unaware of her own inappropriateness in 
addressing colleagues? It is all so degrading to the spirit of this listserv 
and each other's views and opinions. Gene Youngblood's, certainly being among 
the most essential and informed.

Elizabeth McMahon 

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I honestly don't know what you mean by my "inability to edit" --??  Sorry if I 
mucked up your list.  I almost never post to frameworks!

I responded publicly to Youngblood's personal and highly inappropriate attack 
on me in a public forum because I think it is important than when older, 
established men seek to publicly shame or scold younger women in their field, 
they get called out on it.  I actually and sincerely do not give a shirt what 
Mr. Youngblood thinks of me (we have never met or exchanged any other words).  
I do care on principle that personal attacks on one's character - please 
re-read what he wrote, it's quite bullying - should not be a part of a public 
exchange of ideas.

Thank you for reading.



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