Hi everyone, just a reminder that Experiments in Cinema (the Pause & Play
edition) will take place in Albuquerque April 15-19.  We have about 25 of
our filmmakers coming to town, special presentations by invited
artists/scholars from Poland, UK, and Argentina.  To celebrate this 10th
anniversary we two  special fundraising items for sale at our website (
www.experimentsincinema.org).  Our latest DVD collection (v10.T36) is an 8
disc set ($50 personal use).  Additionally we just published a book titled
Undependently Yours: Imagining a World Beyond the Red Carpet with invited
contributors including Gene Youngblood, Sasha Waters Freyer, Roger Beebe,
Michael Betancourt, Charles Lum, Caryn Cline, Alexie Dmitriev, Clint Enns,
Leslie Supnet, Chip Lord, Ben Popp, Kristen Lauth Shaeffer, Tina Wasserman,
Gerry Fialka, Kamila Kuc, Steve Polta, Bryan Konefsky, Caroline Koebel, and
Bart Weiss.  This 130 page volume explores the value of undependent
festivals from a variety of interesting perspectives and is also available
at our website for $15 per copy.

Bryan Konefsky
director/founder, Experiments in Cinema
el presidente, Basement Films

Great art has always gone to the masses, to their hopes and dreams, for
that spark that kindled their souls. The rest, "the many, all too many" as
Nietzsche called mediocrity, have been mere commodities that can be bought
with money, cheap glory, or social position.
- Emma Goldman
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