Just wondered if anyone else has been doing timelapse sequences - I've started using them in my animations, but have just hit a bit of a problem.

I'm using a Canon 450D (equivalent to a Rebel XSi in the US), using manual settings for f-stop, ISO and shutter speeds (1/15) to fit the light conditions, and triggering with an intervalometer at 1 second or 2 second intervals. I usually need quite long sequences for my work, so it's not unusual for me to take up to 4,500 shots in one sequence.

For some reason, the camera jams after between 5 and 40 shots, displaying an Err. 99 message (a generic error - it just advises you to turn the camera off and on again!), but when I've done this with the lens off I can see that the mirror is sticking about halfway up as it lifts to expose the sensor and shutter mechanism.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there an easy (and cheap) way to fix it, or is it just the result of wear and tear by taking lots of shots in long continuous sequences?



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