Very cool Mariah!
That is defiantly an Eiki Slot load in this video.

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          if you scroll don you can see images and video and text about the 
piece as it was installed 5 years ago. i'm thinking of reprising it this summer 
but got some kinks to work out....          
       On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 4:16 PM, k. a.r.     <> wrote:  
                       Mariah, can you share the details of your show with us? 
Sounds interesting......       
Also: "If you link the inching knobs together with bicycle chains, you can      
 mechanically synchronize any number of projectors, just be careful
 starting them and don't get your fingers caught.  Used to be very
 common for 3D showings.

Wow how amazing. Any pictures available of how this was done?       
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