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I run a free film screening programme in London, called 'a.m.'
www.amlondon.info - and we do screenings every saturday (although we are
coming into a summer break)

For a little while now I've been looking into the work of George Kuchar,
I'm looking mainly for his 'class pictures', made with his students at the
San Francisco Art Institute, particularly those from 1990 or so onwards
which were liberated by the availability of cheap video cameras, there are
like 20 or so, but for someone in the UK they are almost impossible to see
as they cost so much to rent, there are two or three online but they've
been around for years.

Lots of his diary work was released on a dvd set 10 or so years ago, but
unfortunately the same never happened for his narrative work. Im looking to
get hold of some of this work for two reasons, first and foremost my own
research, but I also would love to have them be screened in London, as they
have almost never been shown in the last 10 years or so in the UK, if there
is a screening it tends to be his very early work.

You see in the the documentary 'It Came from Kuchar' how liberal he is with
his work, just handing out dvds to everyone in the audience, but I fear I
may not be able to see much anymore as they've been articulated through a
distribution system which doesn't suit how prolific he was. As these films
were made collaboratively, on low budgets, im hoping there are people who
have some of these videos and would want to share them, they should be
celebrated, we don't charge entries for our screenings, its more just about
sharing great work, and giving people the opportunity to see it.

Im aware that he often shared his work on VHS tapes, naturally as we're in
London there is a preference for DVD/ Video files which can be sent

If anyone has any ideas any help would be appreciated, or you can contact
us directly on amlondoni...@gmail.com

from all at a.m.

x o x
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