Have you considered 3378?  Hi-Con, Low-cost, poly based.


It can be provided in up to 1200' loads.

All the best,

Karl.  (Technical Coordinator - LIFT Toronto)

On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 10:32 AM, Pip Chodorov <framewo...@re-voir.com>

> Devon,
> We are trying to organize a group purchase of Hi-Con.
> If you are interested, read below and write to Richard.
> -Pip Chodorov
> PS Just curious, how many students are you teaching? I teach an
> experimental production course but with 52 students it became an
> experimental film history course.
> At 11:55 +1000 16/06/15, rich...@nanolab.com.au wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I am wanting to try to organise a special order of 7363.  It is possible,
>> but the minimum order is 380 x 400' rolls.  This stock keeps in a
>> refrigerator for years and years.  I've used it well over a decade old and
>> it has been effectively like new.
>> Anyway, it will want to sell in boxes of 5 x 400' rolls.  Need to find
>> buyers for 76 or so such boxes.  The transaction with Kodak needs to be
>> one payer and one delivery address.  That address will be in the United
>> States.   The price suggested by Kodak so far is US$130 per tin, which is
>> high.  But it is Hi-con and it is beautiful.
>> So, please consider being a part of this a buying some for your film
>> fridge.  I suspect it is a very rare opportunity to get some of this film
>> stock.  I doubt Kodak will coat more when their current master rolls are
>> finished.  Buy some for the future!
>> Please let me know how many boxes you want!
>> Email me directly if you like:  rich...@nanolab.com.au
>> cheers,
>> richard
> At 10:03 -0400 26/06/15, Devon D wrote:
>> I'm teaching experimental animation at Evergreen next month, seeking B&W
>> film stock substitutes for 7363 - something hi-con, low-speed, low-cost for
>> doing photograms and contact printing and hand-processing in trays /
>> buckets. Hoping to find 1200-2000 ft each in 16mm and 35mm B&W. Any
>> suggestions appreciated, thanks!
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