Yeah I was thinking different images on each monitor.

I guess I was thinking of it as x different video files playing
simultaneously.  Sounds like you are saying I should make one file and
split it up across different monitors.

On Saturday, July 11, 2015, k. a.r. <> wrote:

> Zach that is a pretty complicated way of doing this, there are easier
> ways.......
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> Subject: Re: [Frameworks] Multi-channel video tech requirements
> Zach here (responding to the digest so apologies if I missed some of the
> newer emails).
> My MultiScreener software hasn't been updated in awhile, but seems to work
> fine on the machines I've tested recently. I would recommend it for people
> who already have a bunch of computers. However it's much easier and more
> reliable to use a BrightSign HD222 or older HD220 player for each channel
> (About $300-$350 each). They play directly from SD cards using a simple
> text script for setup. No daily startup/shutdown rituals required and no
> risk of some stupid MacOS software update notice appearing in the middle of
> your show!
> Feel free to try MultiScreener. There is a guide on the site with full
> setup details. You can run multiple channels on one computer. It's clumsy
> but it has worked well in practice. I modern Mac Mini would probably keep
> 2x 1080p videos in sync, but test everything to find out. I listed lots of
> similar software on the Multiscreener page.
> Summary: If you have a budget I'd go for a fleet of BrightSigns.
> (One note: There are some Applescripts in the MultiScreener download that
> were compiled in the Pre-Intel Mac days, so they need to be opened in
> Script Editor and re-saved.)
> Feel free to get in touch via email if you have specific questions.
> -Zach
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