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*Life Without Buildings: Super 8 Films by Steve Polta*

*Steve Polta In Person!*

*July 19th 7pm @ The Nightingale*

*1084 N. Milwaukee Ave*

*Co-programmed by The Chicago 8 Small Gauge Film Festival & The Nightingale*

“Bay Area artist *Steve Polta *has been producing a body of films, mostly
on Super 8, over the past two decades that are as exquisitely nuanced as
they are rarely seen. Each film presents a narrow window onto the ordinary
world, prodded by subtle observation until it yields images of ethereal
beauty.” (Rick Bahto: Echo Park Film Center)

“In *1997A Arrival *and *1997B* *Departure *the elements of a profoundly
defocused lens distort a transit tunnel into a portal between worlds,
traversed by color-spiked forms. And in *Picture Window *the picture verges
on pure black, the barest hint of an image causing the screen to
reverberate between a window and a surface plane. It’s the texture of the
image that constitutes the film, the essence of a film, which one can
reveal only by opening the window hidden in every screen.” (Brian L. Frye, *The
New Science of the Cinema *in *Radical Light: Alternative Film in the San
Francisco Bay Area 1945–2000.*)

Steve Polta’s approach is more contemplative. A House Full of Dust finds him
capturing the detailed moments of a home, foregrounding the passage of
shadows, dust and light… (Chris Kennedy, Super-8 Late. Images 2009)

*Program will include: *

*Red Sketch (1997c)* (1997)

*interval Oakland 99* (2000)

*Departure (1997c)* (1997)

*Picture Window (1996a)* (1996)

*Minnesota Landscape* (1997)

*Estuary #1* (1998)

*The Berries* (2000)

*Summer Rain for LMC, side A* (2007/2011)

*Summer Rain for LMC, side B *(2007/2011)

*A House Full of Dust* (2007)

*Steve Polta*—sometime filmmaker, former San Francisco taxi driver—is the
Artistic Director of San Francisco Cinematheque
<http://www.sfcinematheque.org>. He holds a BA in Film Studies from UC
Berkeley, an MFA in Filmmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute and a
Masters of Library and Information Science degree from San Jose State
University. His writings on film have been published in *INCITE! A Journal
of Media and Radical Aesthetics; **Radical Light*
Alternative Film & Video in the San Francisco Bay Area 1945–2000*; and
Imagining a World Beyond the Red Carpet*. His own films have screened in
film festivals, alternative film venues all over the place, including
Anthology Film Archives, Black Hole Cinematheque, the Echo Park Film
Center, Chicago Filmmakers, the Images Festival, the Museum of Modern Art
(New York), the New York Film Festival’s Views from the Avant-Garde,
SFMOMA, Pacific Film Archive, the Pusan Film Festival the Robert Beck
Memorial Cinema and the Whitney Museum of American Art. In 2014 he was
awarded a Fellowship by the Andy Warhol Foundation in support of research
on contemporary and historic performance cinema; a year­long series based
on this research will be presented by Cinematheque in 2016.
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