Dear Friends and Supporters of Lawrence Brose,

The Buffalo News has published a rather extensive profile piece on Lawrence
which is ostensibly a celebration of his return to his life as an artist.  Staff
journalist Colin Dabkowski worked diligently on this report and interviewed
 thoroughly to bring a full story to the public. 

The Defense Fund Team wishes to thank Colin Dabkowski for his efforts to bring
to light issues that could not be discussed while attorneys were arguing their
sides of this case before the final outcome.  Finally, it really is a time of

Lawrence is back, creating his work, exhibiting, teaching and screening his
films.  The link to this article is below.  Please give it a read.  There
continues to be much to think about regarding how the government operates, how
computers work for and against us, and how we can continue to support an artist
we know and love whose biggest job is to heal from this madness.

Here is the link to the article:

Thank you for your continued support.

The Defense Fund Team


We still need to remind everyone that Lawrence agreed to a plea deal to bring
this unfair situation to an end.  Probation still limits his movements and he is
subject to very close observation.  Freedom from this prosecution has cost
Lawrence dearly, financially and otherwise, and we need to continue to raise
significant funds for his mounting debt. To make tax deductible donations to
Lawrence’s defense please log on to and donate
to the Artist Fund for Lawrence Brose.

We encourage everyone to visit the defense fund website to catch up on what is
new, view the artwork that has been donated for sale and read the compelling
letters of support from notable people who have voiced their outrage and concern
for what is happening to

Thank you for your continued support.  Please share this with your own network.

The Lawrence Brose Legal Defense Fund Team

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