Dear All,
I have a few things I'd like to exchange, or sell in VIENNA AUSTRIA
The things I'd be exchanging or selling if the offer is right are:
16mm Projector with xenon lamp, no lens, lamp might be worn out
35mm filmtower for projection of one entire film +  huge reels
35mm filmtower for projection of one entire film +  huge reels  
Chinon 877 Macro
Double 8mm Camera Eumig C3 + Lederkoffer + allem Zubehör
Super8 Camera Canon 310XL + Tasche
Super8 Camera Beaulieu 1008XL
Super8 Camera Eumigette Zoom
Super8 Splicer  
Super8 Splicer Revue Filmklebe-Automat Super8
Super8 Viewer Hähnet VF 1602TS
Super8 / N8 Viewer  
Super 8 / N8 Viewer Chinon Dual Type 8mm Editor Viewer + Schachtel
Super 8 / N8 Projektor Canon P-8 Cinestar S w/15mm -30mm 1:1.5
Super 8 Projektor Revuelux Sound 40
8mm Projektor P8 Eumig Projektor Phonomatic
Bolex H16 Reflex 16mm Camera
C-wind Lens
Lens 10mm
C-wind Lens Lens 16mm
C-wind Lens Lens 75mm
C-wind Lens Lens 17-85mm
C-wind Lens Lens 150mm
Film Changing Bag 1 (used)  
16mm Editingtable !!currently not in working condition! Type St 901, V220 Per/s 50
16mm Splicer (Neg)   D.R.P Geyer-Werke
16mm Splicer (Neg)   D.R.P. Arri Geyer-Werke 177-S
16mm Splicer (Pos)   M2-16mm FPB Dr. Leo Cattozzo A-2015, US Pat N. 3075
16mm Eumig Klebepresse   Eumig
Video 8 Recorder Handycam Digital Video 8 Sony + Zubehör
Video V100 Camera Philips Type V100/00, NC 8622 201 00009, LK 927, N² 006829
35mm Photo Praktica MTL3
Lens Lens T 1:2,8 f 50
Lens Lens Vitar
Flash Flash Vitar
Flash Flash Metz 23 BC2
Handle Handgriff
35mm Photo Pentax SFX
Lens Lens Pentax Ashai
Flash Flash Olympus
35mm Photo Pentax Me super
Lens Linse Pentaxm Smc
Lens Lens Tokina SD
35mm Photo Olympus OM40 Program
Lens + Lens  
35mm Photo Kodak Retinette
Zubehör Kodak Gegenlichtblende
Lens Kodak Nahlinse
Lens Kodak Nahlinse
35mm Photo Kodak Retinette IB
Light Meter Lightmeter Actinos
Zubehör Retinette IB Schachtel + Tasche
Blitz Retinette Blitz in Ledertascherl
35mm Photo Agfa Iso Rapid I
  5 replacement bulbs
  2 mannuals
  original box
  Sylvania cube
35mm Photo Agfa Isomat-Rapid C
35mm Photo Canon Prima 5
35mm Photo Raiffeisen Optical 35mm lens
Flash Flash Vitar
35mm Photo Sun Flash Reusable 2000
35mm Photo Lomography fisheye
35mm Photo Canon AE-1
Lens FD 50mm 1:1,8
35mm Photo Agfa Billy-Record
35mm Photo Canon FT QL
Lens canon FD 28mm 1:3,5
35mm Photo Polaroid Polaroid Colorpack 88 Land Camera
unexposed 16mm + 35mm shortends
I'm looking for the following things in exchange:
An electric splicer for 16 or 35mm (either neg or pos or both, would also take a super8 one if those exist), the awesome all in 1 machines, working please ;-)
A plate for splicing neg cut's together (preferably electrically heated)
A 16mm reliable projector for home use with sound (maybe a bauer)
A 16mm Steenbeck in good working condition
A Super8 underwater camera (working and waterproof)
A splitreel
A portable 35mm Projector
Projectors that have been adjusted for scaning film through the gate (Super8 + 16)
A Blackmagic Pocket, latest model
Crass stuff
A 35mm film camera with lenses
more stuff you might have and think I could use ^-^
I'd prefer if you could pickup whatever you want in Vienna Austria, but I can also ship smaller items if you pay the portage.
Most of the Super8 things are not tested yet. Ask me and I'll tell you more about anything.
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