So... a local surplus dealer has an Auricon Cine-Voice.  This is one of the
100 foot cameras with optical sound galvos, and it is pretty much completely
original.  It has not been retrofitted for mag heads, and it has not had the
top chopped off to put on a 400 foot magazine.  To my mind these make it less
desirable but some collector somewhere might prefer it.

It is in a kit with an RA-30 optical amplifier and all cables (although the
cables are old and should probably be rebuilt), and most importantly two
spare lamps which is a big deal since they aren't available.  The finder is
missing but a replacement can probably be located.  The body is painted

The lens on it is a 1" Cooke Filmo lens, which is actually a beautiful,
beautiful lens and certainly the most interesting part of the kit to my mind.

The dealer wants $2k for the whole kit, which I think is ludicrous, but I
think he is just fishing at that price and that he'll be willing to take
something a lot more reasonable.

Oh, and I didn't apply power to the thing to check the motor although I
did turn the movement by hand.  If you get this, don't run the motor until
you lube the movement or you are likely to tear up the cam which is probably
dry by now.

here is the thing:
If you talk to them tell them that I sent you.

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