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*Call for Submissions: Finished Films & Film-Based Installations *

24th Annual $100 Film Festival (February 25 - 27, 2016)


• 16mm or Super 8 film under 22 minutes (submissions accepted in digital
version only)
• Installation works must be film-based
• Official release date after December 1, 2013

Requirements for exhibition:
• 16mm with optical sound
• Super 8 mag. stripe
• Properly synced Mp3 audio
• Soundtracks must be accompanied by detailed syncing instructions
• Films should have at least 10 feet of leader
• Each film must be clearly labeled with running speed (18 or 24 fps),
length, title and name of filmmaker
• Films must be submitted head out and leaders clearly labeled

The Festival Programming Committee selects films for exhibition at the
Festival from submitted entries, and a separate jury of artists and
professionals from the film community selects award recipients. Entries are
judged on their creative content, but also on the ability to maintain the
spirit of low-budget filmmaking.

The $100 Film Festival pays artist fees for all works selected for the
festival. If your film is selected for exhibition, you will be asked to
ship A FILM PRINT to the CSIF approximately one month before the Festival.
The $100 Film Festival will make every attempt to avoid any damage to your
film, but cannot provide any guarantee. At the completion of the Festival,
your film will be shipped back to you, pre-paid (with the exception of
filmmakers in Calgary whose films will be available for pick-up).

Submit your film or film-based installation documentation via, Vimeo or
Youtube link, or Dropbox download along with the completed submission form (
before the deadline of December 1, 2015 to festi...@csif.org

Visit the $100FF website at www.100dollarfilmfestival.org
or email CSIF at festi...@csif.org

Calgary's $100 Film Festival is one of only a few festivals worldwide that
exhibits film exclusively on Super 8 and 16mm. When the $100 Film Festival
was born in 1992, it showcased eight short films on Super 8. The name
sprung from the challenge to shoot a short film on four roll of Super 8 –
which tallied to the cost of $100. In following years, the festival dropped
the budgetary limit and allowed 16 mm film, which shifted the focus from
low budget to quality small-format films. The festival is now an
international celebration of creative story telling on celluloid.

programm...@csif.org <communicati...@csif.org>

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