Hi, fellow experimental film enthusiasts-

The great institution of Millennium Film Workshop, which over 49 years has
done much to support the development of artists cinema, has been under
financial threat since 2011.  Our governing board, executive director, and
volunteer staff have struggled in extremely difficult circumstances not
only to maintain our workshops, screenings, film journal, and equipment
access programs, but to restructure our governance and operations.

THESE are the questions some of you are asking on FRAMEWORKS, and here is
MFW's reply:

*- Is there any foundation to the original **allegations** posted on
NO.  Millennium’s finance and operations are transparent, with best
practices internal controls. Its board wholly supports and appreciates the
work of its Executive Director, Peter Kingsbury, who will step down on October
31. Accusations against a public service non-profit such as Millennium are
a disservice to the experimental cinema community;  and slander against
individuals is morally repugnant and a violation of the Frameworks terms of

*- Is there a more objective account of what’s gone on at Millennium that
we might be able to read and discuss?*
A “status update” letter emailed by the board to our Members and Friends on
7/23/15 provides some perspective on recent developments.  It can be found
at: millenniumfilm.org/boardupdate

*- Is there anything we could do to improve things? To intervene? *

1. Become a member or supporting member via our web-site:
2. Join our email list at millenniumfilm.org to get news and program
3. Come to our screenings, currently being held at Spectacle Theater in
Williamsburg Brooklyn.  See the schedule at:
4. Subscribe to the Millennium Film Journal at mfj-online.org
5. Attend our Members & Friends Informational Meeting on Wednesday 10/7 at
7:00 pm at Brooklyn Fireproof (119 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237 -two
blocks from Morgan Ave stop on the “L” subway).  Learn about our
organizational restructuring and plans for the future.  Contribute ideas
and volunteer some time.
6. Finally, and most importantly, “Take a Turn for Millennium”.  Make a
short term volunteer commitment (see
<http://millenniumfilm.org/takeaturn>film.org/volunteer).  Millennium’s
restructuring and transformation over the last few years has been difficult
and frustrating work by a very small number of filmmakers who believe in
its promise and potential.  We have made significant progress toward “the
new Millennium”.  But to get there *we urgently need volunteers *to perform
simple but necessary tasks in the next few months to sustain our
screenings, workshops, film journal, and equipment access programs.

*- What’s happening right now?*

We are planning workshops, programs, and fundraising in celebration of
Millennium50, our fiftieth year.  We are searching for a new Executive
Director.  We are working with our lawyers to finish our new Bylaws, which
will improve Millennium’s governance and support, and enhance member
participation.  After their approval by members, we will hold elections for
our new expanded governing board.  In preparation for elections, we are
defining the diverse knowledge, skills, and experience we will need on our
new board, and our expectations for candidates.  We will ask members and
friends for candidate recommendations, and ask people to serve.  Finally,
we are asking people to volunteer, to “Take a Turn for Millennium” (see

This email list serves parties interested in the cinema art.  Please join,
volunteer, or otherwise show your support for Millennium, an organization
that has effectively supported that art for nearly a half century.
Encourage others to become involved.  You will be revitalized by personal
interchange with others of like mind, and your own cinema practice will be
supported by becoming part of our community.  MFW continues to be a place
where the passion and expression of hands-on, personal cinema, is studied,
nurtured, and celebrated.


George Spencer,
President, Millennium Film Workshop
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