> 1. Is there a Mac equivalent of Any DVD?

Yes. It's called Fairmount. It was once available as a standalone, but is now 
incorporated into Mac DVD Ripper Pro:
http://www.macdvdripperpro.com/ (not to be confused with MacX DVD Ripper Pro...)

> which allows you, for example, to play PAL DVDs without restriction

I'm not sure if the software does that. That's "four times before it switches" 
isn't a PAL/NTSC thing, it's a region-code thing, built into the firmware of 
the optical drive. For some optical drives, you can find firmware patches 
online to defeat that function, or to reset the counter. But if you have lots 
of non-region-1 discs to deal with, it's probably easier to get another 
external drive, connected via USB, that's either region-free or you can leave 
set on region 2 or whatever, rather than monkeying with the internal drive in 
the iMac.

> 2. I want to make a compilation CD, but Toast doesn’t copy copy-protected 
> discs. Is there copying software for Mac which will allow that?

Do you mean CD or DVD? Audio or video? Regardless, making a compilation disc of 
protected video was never easy, but it's gotten a lot harder as most of the key 
tools were broken by OSes past Snow Leopard. The problem with the 
aforementioned Mac DVD Ripper Pro is it only rips whole titles, not short 
clips. You can have it just mount the disc w. Fairmount, but the go-to freeware 
program for exporting short clips -- MPEG Streamclip -- is kaput past 10.6.

There are other programs -- the Mac version of DVD Fab, MacTheRipper... all of 
them hinky in operation and/or sales methods. 

Another tactic is to set-up a virtual machine to run old PC software like DVD 
Shrink, but like all the other options, it's a pain in the butt.
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