If you do use an Aaton XTR there's the chance there will be a glass
in there for both 16/Super 16. You can use it for either / both and
everything just has to be centered.

Any good rental house should recenter it for you with some prior notice,
and they will likely have more than one ground glass, too. It would be good
to tell them your plans and have them do the switch for you, depending on
your experience. Centering the lens can be a pain if you've never done it
before. They should do it within your normal rental costs, too.

It's worth mentioning too that the Aaton, for example, is permanently
endowed with Super 16 dimensions. So, through swapping the ground glass,
and recentering the lens mount, you're nudging the imaging capabilities by
the millimeter in either direction, and even shooting regular 16mm will
yield a camera original that looks identical to super 16, with image in the
soundtrack area, only it will be centered for regular, and should appear
normal when projected or transferred, or w/e. You probably already know
this, as it's really what makes your idea technically possible, but it's
worth establishing clearly.

Get the XTR Prod if possible, as they're cool and really more of a treat to
rent (when in good condition) than an Arri. Make sure the special tools it
comes with are stored  in the carry handle of the camera, as they may be
essential in a pinch. Let us know what happens. IB

On Saturday, October 10, 2015, Scott Dorsey <klu...@panix.com> wrote:

> If you have your choice of cameras.... use a camera with replaceable
> finders, and use the 16mm finder with the super-16mm gate.
> There is already a plague of cameras out there which have had the gates
> cut out without having the lens recentered or the finder changed, as
> part of a poorly improvised super-16 modification.  You could use one of
> those as well, there are certainly plenty out there.
> --scott
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