You could try calling Joe Rubino, the proprietor of Nietzsche's, who may have 
that info for you. It's on Allen Street, Buffalo.  
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Monday, October 12, 2015, 10:34:31 AM, one wrote:

> that was a good 20 years before. kids today!

And they did some performances together on the occasion of the
re-release of the album by Table of the Elements in 1993 (and again 10
and 20 years after that); they also toured together in 1994-95 (playing
separately, with Tony backed by members of Gastr del Sol). Either of
those configurations might be the one referred to here.

But yeah, Tony's at least nominally on this list (unless he's given it
up) so hopefully he can respond here for himself.

Best regards,
 Jim Flannery

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