That projector could be a 1694, 1695, 1698, 2685, 2692, or 2698, but they all
use the same body casting.

If you pull the front cover off, you should be able to watch the autoshredding 
mechanism work and see that the loops are being properly formed.  Make sure 
both sprockets are turning and that the notches on the sprockets are in the 
same positions.  Make sure the gate is immaculately clean.

The autoshredders are very touchy about leader... you will need a heavy
leader with the front of it curved properly; follow the directions in the
manual.  And unlike the older 500-series autoshredders, you cannot convert
them back to manual thread.

Now... SOME Of these machines, I and I think they are just the 1694, have
a wick oiling system for the cam.... on those machines you really should
not turn one on without making sure the wick is saturated with light machine

If you are in the US, Optech in Boston does routine maintenance on these
projectors and will keep them in good condition.
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